talk to girls online

how to talk to girls online

So what can you say to a girl and how to talk to girls online?

talk to girls online

A lot of people who are trying to learn how to talk to girls online repeat the same mistakes again and again.

They turn from the beginning of the call directly and show the girl how much they want her, which is exactly what destroys their chances…
They just never get what can you say to a girl.
I’m going to teach you exactly what are the errors , how to behave in a different way , and how to be the man that the girl wants to know online.

The big mistake when you talk to girls online:

Most men who try to pick up a woman , especially those who learn how to talk to girls online,  reiterate a very critical mistake , and is flatter and flirt with the girl too much from the start.
But wait … what is wrong at all !
The girl always want to bring you to where it is you’re trying to prize and to get her.
The thing is that once it is clear to the girl that it really is the case , it goes down you crazy !
Women ( and men) do not like things that come to them easily and the “obvious” .
If your first post is something like, “Wow what a beautiful ” , “You can be a model ” or sucking another …
Enjoy the girl smile and compliment one hand .
On the other hand – she thinks to herself , ” Here’s another zero … ” .
How to be the man she wants ?
The secret in getting the girl , especially when it comes to what to say to a girl on Facebook , is to turn to her indirectly .
Can be interpreted in several ways , a girl will not know if you start with it or not.
Once you turn a girl indirectly you can slowly switch to ” populate ” the reason for which pre- arrival ( get the girl ) .
But to be clear …
To get a girl you need to contact her indirectly , primarily on Facebook !

So how to talk to girls online ? ! ?

Ok so we’ve covered what not to do if you want to learn how to get a girlfreind
Not to flatter and compliment her or be direct and clear that you want her , what is done?
The idea is to write a post related to her personally , Post wrote , ” especially for her .”
Girls know how to spot you do post a “copy paste ” a large amount of girls to see what works and what does not …
They do not appreciate it at all! !
Once you write a personal message especially to this particular girl , she treat her very differently .

The big rules about how to talk to girls online and find out what can you say to a girl

I’m going to teach you to good stuff so you can allways know what can you say to a girl online.
You will know what to respond and why.
One simple way (if you use facebook to talk to girls online) is to go through some recent posts of the girl and write a coment about one of them.
For example – if the last post was about a dog lost you can send her a message and say  you can help oe something.

See the difference when you talk to girls online between a statement like “you are amazingly beautifull” to a good coment with relevance?
When a woman sees such a message she simply answers !
Wanna know thay can you say to a girl? rite about a topic that interests her and treated her personally.
Disadvantage method posts – some people blocked recent posts if you are not their friends.

Tip number two – you can talk to girls online about the things she wrote about herself on the profile.

You can see the details she wrote on her own profile .
Where from , how old , where she works , and all sorts of information that people love to write about themselves, it can give you a good idea about what can you say to a girl online.
Just write her a message with one of these things.
An example I used it – Date of birth of the woman the same as my birth date
I wrote to her : I do not believe ! ! We were born on the same day ! ! !
She laughed and continued to talk for 10 minutes, I took a phone away and went on a date
Advantage – even if you are not friends can see these things

Tip number three about talk to girls onlin –  Curiosity and humor

talk to girls online

If you do not have any details on it and you just do not know what to do, you can always use intriguing or humorous phrases like :
I have to ask you a question !
You have to help me …
Ok question a bit delusional …
If you need more ideas you can simply fill out the form below with your name and email and you will get way more answers about talk to girls online.

by the way, you can learn how to talk to women and allways find what to say you might want to click this link!

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